Stan Segal

Current City: Brookhaven, GA
Chapter: SCORE Atlanta

Managed large scale international IT consulting practices for Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard. Currently retired, Stan Segal, was most recently Senior Director and Area General Manager, responsible for direct management of the sales and delivery of Sun Microsystems consulting services in the US and Latin America. This included implementing new consulting practices and technology initiatives to complement Sun's market strategy; managing customer communications and relationships; assisting in developing reusable assets and service methodologies; and managing the profitable growth of the consulting business. Joining Sun's then newly formed consulting organization in 1994, Stan developed over twenty (20) consulting practices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. The practices produced annual consulting revenues in excess of $100 million, and more than $1 billion in associated systems. Stan employed more than 1,200 professional and contract employees specializing in the application of computer technologies for the telecommunications industry, the federal government, banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, and transportation. Stan went to Sun with an extensive background in leading technical sales and support organizations. Before joining Sun, Stan was Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of DVT Corporation, a start up company specializing in the development of computerized machine vision systems. Prior to developing DVT, Stan spent the majority of his career at the Hewlett Packard Company. In his last role at HP, as Region Manager for Professional Services, Stan was instrumental in developing and growing the newly formed organization in the southern US and the Caribbean. Stan held other key positions during his tenure, including Region Systems Engineering Manager, Area Customer Service Manager, and Sales Representative.

He currently serves as Chairman of the City of Brookhaven Planning Commission and Chairman of the Comprehensive Land Use Steering Committee.

Stan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University. He is a veteran of the US Navy, married and has two adult children.



BBA Georgia State University

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