Small business owner for 22 years; successful on internet

Robert Shankman

Current City: Newton, NJ

Highlights: Operated a small business; experience selling on  ebay, AMAZON and other web sites; marketing background; MBA. 

Plastex Products Inc. Purchased this firm in 1988 until it was sold in 2010. The firm imported, purchased and manufactured (a small quantity) of industrial rain wear and other safety apparel items. Sales were made to municipalities, industrial distributors as well as larger firms. Considerable sales were also made directly to individual consumers.

We became efficient selling and processing orders for 1 or 2 rain coats as well as handling major orders. We developed our 1st web site in 1997 and started selling on the internet at that time. Sales increased mostly due to a high GOOGLE position.

Sales on the web site were to individuals, companies, municipalities, distributors and foreign customers. We subsequently developed 3 other related web sites and sold on the platforms of eBAY and AMAZON.

I developed an expertise in the accounting software, Peachtree, which is very similar to Quick Books. I was familiar with all aspects of the system including sales, accounts payable and receivables.

My previous experiences included:

Sears Roebuck:  Buyer: Imported articles including scissors and other sewing items. Responsibilities included operating an import warehouse. Asst .Sales Manager ; Asst. Sales Promotion Manager Asst. Buyer 

*  Rex/Griffon Cutlery : Vice President ; major scissors importer

*  Independent Sales Rep : Sewing items, housewares items  

Eastern Display Products : Vice President Specializing in retail sign holders for department and other chain stores.

Current activities include: Swartswood Lakes Watershed Assoc.- Trustee;   Newton NJ Rotary Club -Historian;  Branchville Businessmen's Club;  SCORE- email and face to face mentor.





BSBA Boston University

MBA Suffolk University - Boston, MA

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