How I can help you


For the past 35 years I have advised and coached top executives in over 50 different industries on various ways to achieve business growth and success including new products/services. I have  launched two totally new and very successful businesses personally.

I can best help with the following: 1/ is business idea a great, good, average poor one, 2/ what is the unique proposition, 3/ who are the best prospects for the new business, 4/ how to best and quickly connect with best business prospects, 5/ what are top 3 actions to take to evaluate your new business idea, 6/ what are top 3 mistakes new business owners make, 7/ how can you quickly evaluate your new business idea without spending a lot of money. 

My expertise includes knowledge of a wide variety of business development tools, strategies and tactics.


Areas of Expertise
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Business Operations
  • Human Resources & Internal Communications
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Industry Experience
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Professional & Business Services
  • Retail & Wholesale Trade


University of Georgia graduate....ABJ

Post grad work at The Wharton School of Business

Communication Methods

  • In Person