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Im your guy if you need Internet help or Computer help. Today, I am a domain registrar, web hosting re-seller, teacher, builder, guide, coach, and mentor. I specialize in cPanel and WordPress. I work best with entrepreneurs born before 1980 because my jokes and analogies come from that era. We work together via email, and occasionally with a video conference through Zoom. My job will be to help you find the answer(s) to your questions. An oft-repeated phrase is "Been There, Done That." It describes my decades of IT experience. As early as the 1980s, I was programming computers, and once built a computer system to be used in oilfield drilling rig laboratories. (Google "mudlogger" if youre curious.) In the 1990s, I was building PCs on my kitchen table, and manually installed RAM chip-by-individual-chip on the motherboard. (Great experience, but those skills are obsolete now.) I created my first website over 25 years ago. (Everything since then has changed every couple of years, from the tools to the end results. My 1995 toolkit is obsolete, but the experience has taught me how to build and what to look for.) Until the year 2000, I hosted websites and email servers in my basement. (Now its better just to buy those services. Because I know how they work I have a head-start in getting them fixed.) I have extensive experience in relational database applications. (Ive built systems used by military. In the civilian sector, one of my apps was used for campground reservations.) I have enough experience to know when to mentor, when to teach, and when to just do it. Ill be available to help you as you need me! Youre invited to visit my blog to see how I can, and cannot, help you:

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Rick Jaggers

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