How I can help you

Working with over 200 clients through SCORE, Ive learned that entrepreneurs know their product or service better than I ever will. Ive worked with brewers and bakers and manufacturers and athletic trainers. In each case, the entrepreneur had a clear vision of what they wanted to offer to customers. What they sought from SCORE was help in turning that passion into a business. Thats where I believe I can help the most. My role is to ask questions. What makes your product or service more attractive than others in the market? How do you communicate with customers so that they understand the value of your product or service? How long does it take to deliver your offering? Do you have the resources in place to support that effort? What processes will you need to handle billing and receipts? What other professional help might you need (accounting, legal)? etc. Its not my role to give you the answers but to help you organize your own thoughts - and setup the business you want to achieve the goals you have. And I cant just ask you questions. I have to listen to your answers and challenge you when you need to be challenged. This process tends to develop a close bond between us as we share in the excitement of your business launch. And, by the way, there have been some entrepreneurs that have opted to hold off on their new business plans after weve worked together. Starting a business isnt easy. It takes constant effort and can demand a significant investment of your own resources. Thats not a situation you enter lightly. Well work through the steps to launch your business and, if you decide now isnt the right time, thats a decision youll make with your eyes wide open. Ill finish by saying that it takes tremendous courage to start a business and I respect anyone willing to take that journey. I look forward to building a relationship with you and helping you to fulfill your dreams.

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  • Manufacturing
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Peter Kalish

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