How I can help you

Having held various management positions, Schweet is very familiar with market trends and doesn't lose his nerve down in the trenches.  As an executive, he believes partnering with the right companies, hiring the right people and allowing his employees to excel with his help and direction. While Schweet is known as a tough competitor, he remains fair-minded and brings a customer-centric belief and style always putting the customers’ needs first.  Schweet’s vast experience with team development, as well as his tenacious ability to close and negotiate even the most challenging accounts, has allowed him to get these types of results, increasing services revenue 57%, software revenue 79%, maintenance revenue 35% and gross margin 76%. For these types of clients.

  • Shark Tank Company, in the Technology Sector
  • Bioidentical Hormone Balancing
  • Age Management Wellness
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss Protocol
  • Supply Chain Management
  • CRM/Sales Process Effectiveness
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Supply Chain
  • Engineered Labor Standard System
  • Dental Call Tracking and Coaching System
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

Schweet lives in Hoffman Estates, IL with his wife Pat, close to their two sons and four grandchildren. He’s a former triathlete and is active in his community by serving as a Member of the Board of the Commission for Citizens with Disabilities.  He is the founder of “Managing the Sales Process;” a consulting company helping sales organizations improve performance, productivity and sales through his unique sales process.  He is also the author of the book “Happy Ears – The Sales Process Guide for Maximum Performance and Productivity.”  



Areas of Expertise
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Operations
  • Technology & IT Services
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Industry Experience
  • Consulting, Research and Business Services

Communication Methods

  • In Person
  • Phone
  • Video