Norman Brown

Current City: Las Vegas, NV

Norm Brown combines a business and legal education with extensive experience in everything from large corporations to tiny start-ups; his last position before joining SCORE was VP Technology Commercialization for a Fortune-500 defense contractor.  A patented inventor and former Angel Investor, Brown focuses on New Products, New Businesses, and Intellectual Property.  He's adept at building winning relationships via Development & Co-Marketing Agreements, Technology Licenses, Strategic Partnerships, and other complex agreements.  He managed an incubator ranked #3 in America by the National Science Foundation in the percentage of new companies created around NSF-funded technologies.  He has served on a number of start-up company boards, and he has supported the launching of over 30 companies based on licensed or transferred technologies.



George Washington University &mdash;</p>

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Masters, International Relations</p>

<p class="rteindent1_rtl rteleft rteindent1" dir="rtl">
Doctorate, Business Management</p>

Georgetown University &mdash;</p>

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Juris Doctor</p>


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