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I help business owners start and grow their businesses so that they experience less frustration and overwhelm. I help with business development and operations, sales, accountability, and marketing. I have owned and operated a business for 42+ years and have spent the last 12+ years coaching and mentoring business owners. I have been through 4 coaching training programs and love helping my clients gain control over their business so that it serves their lives, not consume it. I am a seasoned business owner with a skill for creating successful businesses, leadership transformations, and personal growth with owners and managers of mid- sized businesses. He has a passion for people development. I have more than 40 years of experience in sales, business coaching and entrepreneurship. My expertise includes training, coaching, strategic planning, and business management. With a passion for helping others, I help business owners and leadership teams get more of what they want from their business. My slogan is Helping your business work harder, so you don't have to.Business coaching is a perfect marriage of my skills and training. Prior to joining the family furniture business, I earned a BA from Earlham College and an MSW from Smith. My degree in counseling greatly enhances my abilities as a coach, mentor, and leader. The ability to listen well and to ask good questions is the hallmark of my style. I trained at some of the country's best coach training programs, including the Coaches Training Institute, Vistage International, EOS Worldwide, and EMyth International. In 2008 I opened my own coaching business, Strategic Solutions Coaching, and developed his business coaching system, GPS (Growth Producing Strategies) for Business™ that gives business leaders a new way to look at their businesses to accelerate growth. I was asked to judge business plan presentations at Purdue University and helped develop an entrepreneurial program at Ivy Tech. I teaches organizations how to get focused, engaged, share a common vision, be disciplined and accountable, executing well and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team. I believe that entrepreneurship is best as a team sport, not an individual activity. I enjoy being a mentor and coach for CEO, Presidents, and Business Owners who want to outperform the completion by gaining a true competitive advantage. My clients achieve financial independence, professional and personal growth, and achieve a better work/life balance. They get out of the overwhelm they are in. Michael lives with his wife of 43 years and has two grown children, Kate and Josh. I enjoys fine dining, grilling on my Green Egg grill, theatre, and traveling the world.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Plan
  • Management & Operations
  • Marketing
  • Strategy Development

Industry Experience

  • Retail

Michael Kaplan

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