How I can help you While I have focused on the Software Industry, I have experience at a senior level in the Biotech and the Computer hardware arenas, as well as nine years with Price Waterhouse in the USA, UK and New Zealand, which taught me a lot about international business generally. Xtremesoft with Pine Brook Ventures has given me the platforms to nurture ideas and start new ventures in the social networking, retail, biotech, even in infomercials and Ads, as well as the cloud computing arena; to participate in the public offering of two computer hardware companies; to participate in the sale of a company in the Biotech market; and to continue to nurture a bunch more in a variety of markets. Northeast Business Partners adds the brokerage capability to my "bow" so I can incubate an idea; fund and nurture it and then sell it when the time is right. I consult on Boards; with CEOs and with non-profits. I have a good understanding of the use of electronic networking I like the diversity of the businesses, but the issues are always the same - money and people. I run Pine Brook Ventures, which invests in companies, ideas and offerings - some good, the majority bad over the last few years. They do say you have to fail plenty to get one right. I focus on trying to add value to every business, organization, process and interaction, I participate in. Equally, I am not shy to say I dont know. Specialties: In thirty years of hacking around in the business "weeds", little surprises me! For small companies, its "money and people, people and money". I suppose I understand international business and people better than most having worked in three countries, run companies in five more, travelled to 70 or so and done business in numerous others. I consult through Xtremesoft. My goal remains adding value - seeing that value germinate in to business success is the rush!

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing, Public Relations & Sales
  • Non-Profit
  • Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Technology

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  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

Michael John Dexter-Smith

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