Marvin J Brook

Current City: Sonoma, CA

Marvin Brook

My main expertise is in writing business plans and helping with pricing models.I worked for the United States Postal Service for 30 years, ultimately becoming the financial controller for Northern California. In that job I managed 65 employees with 15 managers and professional staff. I had oversight for timekeeping, accounting, statistical testing, auditing, and a budget of over $800 million. My background in the delivery business has allowed me to see all phases of an enterprise, and I have particular expertise in understanding budgets and cash flows. No matter what size your business is, you must be able to manage your cash flow. At USPS I developed and presented a highly popular series of financial education seminars. My expertise in teaching as well as in financial analysis and planning should be helpful to business owners who need to align their business plan with their personal financial goals. In dealing with those starting a new venture, I try to ask: How does starting this new venture fit into your lifetime personal and financial goals? By constantly reminding yourself about why you are doing this, you can help do the important things to achieve your goals. 

At SCORE I teach seminars in "How to Write an Effective Business Plan" as well as"Pricing Strategies". Both are geared towards the start up business and deals with all aspects of the business model.



B.A.,University of Illinois in Personnel Management; Certificate in Financial Planning from University of California, Berkeley

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