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Over 40 years of business experience with the last 27 years focusing on manufacturing of electronic computer peripherals, precision fluid measurement equipment and custom automated machinery that integrates into the customers production line. Managed up to 500 employees in manufacturing operations, including fabrication, assembly, manufacturing engineering, materials, safety and agency compliance. Established and directed cost reduction teams that reduced lead-time and manufacturing scrap by introducing Lean Manufacturing Programs. The Lean programs focused on eliminating waste, not just in the material sense, but in its application to everyday activities. If the activity did not add value, it was eliminated. The ultimate goal was to deliver high quality products, at the right time and at a minimal cost. Directly responsible for transferring manufacturing processes to locations in Asia and for start-up training and production validation in those locations. Led and coached the start-up teams through the initial production pilot runs to insure efficient processes and high quality products.

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Service
  • Management & Operations
  • Product Development

Industry Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management & Disposal

Joel W Smith

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