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As an entrepreneur, and business owner, for over 40 years, I have felt the fears, sleepless nights, family pressures and successes of starting and running a small business with and without employees. I have run a service, installation and sales facility for Two Way and Cellular equipment which included retail sales. I own and run a comunications tower company in Southern NH. I have been negotiating aggreements and leases with companies, vendors and local gov.for many years. I will share my skills and experiences (and shortcomings) in owning and running a small business, to assist in helping you start your business or make changes to an existing business. I am certified as a professional coach through the University of New Hampshire, which lends well to your SCORE mentoring experience. Sometimes we need that second voice or sounding board to help get us back on the tracks. I am retired from Verizon and The NH Dept of Safety, where I worked in a technical position. If I was to highlight any particular specialties, it would be negotiating skills, and out of the box thinking, bringing my successes and failures as a business person to a real human level. I also know what it feels like to accomplish goals that you first think are insane! Other skills I bring to the table are Photography, which was to be a retirement business that I was in the process of starting, but because of time requirements, did not. I am still an adventure photographer, that has been through the litany of researching and planning for such a career, and perhaps share what I have learned with regard to this type of ART. Jim

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  • Photography & Video Services
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  • Real Estate

James R. Andrews

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