How I can help you

I have ten years in the marketing field and my concentrations run the gamut of content writing, digital and print promotion, media planning, website maintenance, brand development, and more. My strongest skill sets are listed below, but the one value that runs through any of the work I do is bringing ownership back to the client when it comes to developing their brand, and the materials that support that. It's easy to feel the need to do "all the things" when it comes to marketing, and that's where business owners get overwhelmed. I work to demystify the marketing sphere, and empower business owners to make the marketing choices that work for them.
1) The Art of Storytelling. Provide counsel to small businesses and start-ups on writing content, mission statements, social media captions and more that speaks directly to its target audience, and reflects the business's values.
2) Community Engagement. Provide counsel on ways to create partnerships in its local community. I can help them find points of relation between other area and regional businesses, and help them lay-out a map of how to leverage each other's audiences.
3) Media and Marketing Calendars. Provide Counsel on laying out a 1/3/6/12 month media calendar.
4) General Marketing. Provide counsel on all areas of marketing from branding, developing personal voice, advertising, photography, content creation, marketing funnels, promotions, and more.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing

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  • Professional Services

Jaimie Crawford

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