Herbert N. Posner

Current City: New Rochelle, NY

After graduating from law school, I became a practicing lawyer. In my first employment  I worked as a claims adjuster for Allstate Insurance Company where I learned to investigate accidents, manage claims and negotiate settlements of those claims. My experience has made me uniquely qualified to assist my clients with risk assessments.

I then went into private law practice concentrating in the fields of business activities, real estate law and matrimonial law. During the 50+ years in the practice of law, I expertly handled the organization of thousands of businesses running the gambit from small to large and in many various forms of organization. Having an accounting degree, this allowed me to aid my business clients, whether they were purchasing an existing business or starting a new one, and further, allowing them to take advantage by my providing them with the best information that I could give them.

I also specialized in matrimonial law which required me to be able to assist my clients in negotiations where their business was being appraised and/or being sold to satisfy the laws concerning equitable distribution.

Even my serving in the Army allowed me to be able to understand the various problems dealing with the staging and preparation of various types of events. I am also involved  involved in various charitable endeavors, sitting on various boards, all of which has given me insight to problem solving and dealing with people.




<p> Earned a Bachelor&#39;s of Science (BS) degree in accounting and Commerce and Economics at the University of Vermont;</p> <p> Earned a law degree&nbsp; from Brooklyn Law School.</p>

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