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Hal Jacobson

Current City: Dallas, TX
Chapter: Dallas SCORE

International Trade Exporting and Importing Expert. Involved in every facet of International Trade (Exporting & Importing), commencing his career with the Quaker Oats Company. The areas of responsibility included a myriad of marketing & sales activities in South & Central Latin America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, the Middle East and Pacific Rim countries, in product lines as diverse as bakery flour, animal & poultry feeds and a broad line of grocery products. The activities encompassed the identification and selection of distributors in each of the overseas markets; the development and implementation of marketing programs to achieve sales goals in each market; and lastly to identify opportunities for new product entries for suitable markets. Hal was involved in the development and implementation of a corporate policy to maximize export sales to the extent that would justify the creation of wholly owned manufacturing and sales subsidiaries in selected markets. Hal retired from Quaker as Vice President- International Operations, responsible for the direction of management activities of four wholly owned overseas subsidiaries in addition to the remaining export business. Upon retirement Quaker, Hal became a consultant to and eventually employed by the Ekco Housewares Company, the foremost US manufacturer of household kitchen utensils. While Ekco was already somewhat involved in exporting to Latin America, in the five year stint in which Hal directed their export activity, he was instrumental in expanding the distribution chain to all of the Middle East and Pacific Rim markets, thus increasing sales many times over. Ekco was acquired by a European company and the export function was transferred to the corporate headquarters of the acquiring company. Hal returned to consulting activities and became affiliated with Edward Don & Co., a major distributor to the hospitality industry. Don was anxious to become involved in exporting and importing and Hal was instrumental in developing an efficient International Division that developed a distribution chain throughout Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. For personal reasons Hal relocated to Dallas and early in 1989 participated in the formation of the International Trade Center where he continues to counsel companies and individuals in all facets of exporting and importing. Since the advent of 9/11, the logistics of International Trade has changed immensely and Hal has become proficient in compliance with the multitude of new Export Administration Regulations and US Customs regulations including, but not limited to classification, Harmonized Tariff System, FDA inspection and labeling requirements , NAFTA/CAFTA requirements. Hal is also knowledgeable of all various forms of export financing.including Letters of Credit;ExIm Bank financing,.Export, Import, exporting, importing, international trade, South America, Central America, Caribbean,, Europe, Middle East, MENA, Pacific rim, documentation, bills of lading, drafts , marine insurance, overseas subsidiaries, classification shipping, NAFTA, CAFTA, Letters of Credit Export Import. Lastly as a consultant Hal has guided many clients through the complexities of US Customs import procdedures importing product from worldwide sources.



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