How I can help you

I can help you with a few facets of your business...Developing your values, vision, and general foundation for how youre going to either start up, or scale your business for growth. In addition, I can aid in your personal development as it relates to beconing a leader, creating your personal strategic plan, selling your product or service, and priotizing your tasks and managing your time effectively. Getting to know yourself (your strengths and opporunities) is a great first step to building a business and surrounding yourself with the proper resources to help with your goals. As a professional Business and Life Coach, I will keep you accountable to your own milestones and goals, helping you to achieve them a lot faster than you would on your own. Lastly, because my last Corp. position was a Senior Marketing Executive one, I can assist in creating KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), building simple ways to track your financial plans, and basic Marketing Strategy. I look forward to meeting you !

Areas of Expertise

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Gina Kano

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