Starting, managing, buying and selling small businesses

George J Obst

Current City: Fountain Hills, AZ


                  Expert at starting , buying, selling and profitably growing small businesses, with a focus on dental laboratories. George developed and executed  sales and  marketing strategies, strategic plans, financing options, budgets and maximized employee performance..  

Also, he advised  family businesses, including succession planning, dispute resolution, and mentored  owners.

In addition George developed and  taught a supervision studies program for technical specialists in various fields who needed to learn how to maximize employee and team performance.

George served on the board of directors of two non profit dental foundations.  He developed and conducted organization and operations analysis,  helped better define the vision and mission of the organizations, and developed and executed strategic plans.

In his business career George was expert at recruiting and hiring specialists and managers,  team building and human resource  management to maximize performance.  

George has in-depth experience in evaluating small businesses and  locking into the key metrics and improvement needs for successful operations,

George grew a small business operation in Mexico specializing in the manufacture of oral dental appliances  from just a few employees at the start-up phase to more than 100 employees. Also, he developed a program to import manufactured oral appliances from China.

George held positions as small business owner (employment agency), assistant vice president of bank operations (large money center bank), human resource manager, regional manager, operations vice president,  president, chief executive officer, and owner  of a dental laboratory manufacturing and service business with 30 manufacturing and sales sites throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.








<p> BA degree with Psychology major from Alfred University. &nbsp;MS degree in business administration from Long Island University.</p>