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Opening up a new business or maintaining a business to reach maximum potential?? Why not get free support and ideas? We’re here to help YOU!!! In my 40 years of working with different types of businesses I’ve seen many fail, mostly due to decisions that they could have prevented. I’ve also seen many small businesses thrive. Is there a secret formula, absolutely not! Ambition and hard work doesn’t guarantee success but with good decision making will greatly increase your chance. That’s why we’re here to help or guide you with individuals who have decades of experience and education from all types of businesses.

Out of college I started working in banking field in lending, collection and branch supervision. The past 35 years I did insurance auditing for worker’s compensation & liability along with a little loss control work. I meet with thousands of small businesses over that time. From one person operation to larger businesses such as Yuengling Brewery to name one. Many times meeting with these businesses we’d discuss other challenges they had. I could give them direction and specific examples of other businesses dealing with problems they were having. I’ve also have experience in rental properties for over 35 years.

Many of you are putting your money into a new business, why not reduce your risk of starting a new business? Some of you have money and assets in a current business, why not look at ways to maximize or protect them? If you’re interested in our free service, reach out to SCORE or myself by contacting us.

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Francis (Skip) P Vogel

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