Francis J Reynolds

Current City: Honeoye Falls, NY

FrankFrank Reynolds Reynolds

Your business products and services as seen from your customer’s perspective are key to your business’ success.  You have an opportunity to excel with every step in your business processes and your customer interactions.  I have helped clients move from a business idea to starting and growing their business successfully.

As an engineer and a consultant in operations, productivity, and quality I have worked with retail, manufacturing, services businesses and non-profit organizations. Project planning and management is key to a successful outcome.

I am also linked to over 80 other volunteers in the Greater Rochester Chapter with a broad depth of talent, expertise, and experience.



<p> MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology</p> <p> Bachelor&#39;s in Mechanical Engineering from U. of Detroit</p> <p> Master&#39;s in Mech. Engineering/Machine Design from Cornell U.</p>

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