David Gurr

Current City: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Expert in Business Plans and very knowledgeable in Finance. 


20+ years experience as the Owner / CEO of several start-up small businesses including Sleep Diagnostic Testing Centers, Home Medical Equipment Providers, and a Retail / Custom-Compounding Pharmacy.  Knowledgeable in most areas of small business development from Start-Ups / Acquisitions to building Operations, Sales and Medical Billing teams.  Developed and implemented policies and procedures for FDA approval, Human Resource, JCAHO & CHAPS Accreditations. 

Key Experiences:

Business Plan Development: Experience in writing small business plans

Sales: Hired, trained and motivated outside and inside sales forces from compensation structures to marketing/sales training tools.

Finance:  Created budgets, knowledgeable in small business accounting, self-funded startup's with little funds, worked with banks to secure line of credits, dealt with capital leases for financing equipment and growth.

Trucking: Familiar with the home delivery service model, hired and trained a staff of delivery technicians.  Analyzed vehicle delivery options and purchased a fleet of vehicles.

E-commerce:  Designed several websites with on-line sales tools.




University of Phoenix, School of Business, Master of Business Administration 

Colorado State University, School of Business,  Bachelor of Science in Finance

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