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Expertise in organizational management, operations, process management, goal measurement and startup actualization. Long history as an independent consultant to law firms and corporations on the export of defense articles to non-US entities. I dont have access to funding. No one does, in my experience. Its all just hard work to find investors. We have, however, helped many others through the challenging process of securing funding. Still trying to retire from position as President of Compliance International Associates, LLC, a legal services company with primary practice in International Trade in Defense Articles. Former Partner and Executive Producer, Planet Beth Productions, a Hollywood TV production company with show sales to DirectTV and InDemand (CBS/Showtime partnership) Former CEO of KGS Productions, Inc., a Las Vegas-based television and film development enterprise with primary emphasis on bringing successful foreign titles and show concepts to the North American market. Former President of Vision 1 Media Group, a holding company with interests in public relations, international trade, security, and social media enterprise exploitation. Former Managing Director of Management Solutions International, a Washington, DC area consultancy specializing in International Trade and Security supporting US Government national security programs world-wide. President, Garner/Greece Public Relations, a NYC based PR and Media Training Company. Retired USAF Colonel with expertise in space operations (satellites and space launch vehicles), physical and technology security, public relations, ;legislative affairs, financial controls, contracting and personnel management. Former Pentagon spokesman at the end of Desert Storm.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Government Regulations
  • Management & Operations
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing

Industry Experience

  • Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
  • Professional Services
  • Retail

David D Garner

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