Dan Laemont

Current City: Eustis, FL

My specialties are in helping you write:

  • Creative, Researched Marketing Plans (utilizing the Wharton "4 P's" process).
  • Concise Business Plans (utilizing simple, prepared templates).
  • Effective Hiring Plans (utilizing Xerox's "Selective Hiring Process" Techniques).

I apply an analytical approach to Business. If you choose, I will walk you through any of the above processes, step by step, using tried and true (and FREE) Templates.

I am a Navy Veteran trained as an Electronics Technician. I enjoyed a 32 year career in Industrial Electronics Parts Distribution. I served as a Technical Correspondent, Mail Room Supervisor, Employment Supervisor, Industrial Salesman, Sales Manager, General Manager and Senior Manager in the MW, SE and NE Regions of the US.

I want to help you. Let's get started!






High School, USN Electronics, Sonar and Submarine Schools, numerous Strategic Planning, Personnel Management, Sales Management Seminars.

Online MBA Courses 2012-2014

  • U of VA: Grow to Greatness Parts I and II
  • U of MD: Innovative Ideas for new Companies
  • Princeton: Sociology
  • Stanford: Entrepreneurship
  • Wharton: Marketing
  • Wharton: Financial Accounting


1. Certified Florida Small Claims Court Mediator (Volunteer)

2. Certified Florida Master Money Mentor (Volunteer)

2. Sub-Vets Lifetime Member

3. Holland Club (Qualified in Submarines)

Mentoring Methods

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