Trust building leader with extensive experience mentoring entrepreneurs

Charlie Faure

Current City: Morris Plains, NJ

I spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world of franchised real estate. For much of that time I coached and mentored entrepreneurs helping them to start and grow their businesses. As such I assisted them in addressing every facet of their business operations, from initial start-up, to marketing, recruiting, retention, technology, administration, facilities, finance, and more--essentially everything focused on building profitability and success.

Prior to franchising I had completed a career in the military as a senior officer where I directed large community support operations, much like a city manager would do. I retired as a lieutenant colonel.

I earned two master's degrees, an MBA and an MS in Organizational Effectiveness. 

I have an absolute commitment to people and leadership, and I consider myself an excellent coach of entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their small businesses. 



<ul> <li> MBA</li> <li> MS, Organizational Leadership &amp; Innovation</li> </ul> <p> &nbsp;</p>

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