How I can help you

I will help you build a business projection to visualize the first (or next) 24 months of your business. Is it viable? How soon will you break even? How many hours will you need to invest? Then I'll help you play "what-if" to optimize your business plans to meet your goals. I will help you compare your options in terms of cost, benefit, and risk. I will help you set up record keeping for finances, invoices, and anything else you need to track.

In general, I will help you with business projections, data management, data analysis, risk analysis, decision analysis, what-if analysis, spreadsheets, trade-offs, Microsoft Office, and Excel.

I've been using and teaching analytical techniques for over 30 years for businesses of all sizes. I'm the author of Simple Spreadsheets for Hard Decisions, which teaches anyone to make good decisions using Microsoft Excel.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Plan
  • Technology

Industry Experience

  • Professional Services

Carol Jacoby

Communication Methods

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