Barry McKinley

 Very knowledgeable in business operations and turnarounds. Have started from scratch (and almost no assets), bought and sold 10 different businesses in five different industries, Medical,Surf, Motorsports, Insurance and Personnel. Have extensive experience in operating small retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing businesses and all the challenges. Have won awards both in the Medical Industry numerous times and in the Motorsports Industry. Have sold businesses to Fortune 1000 Companies, employees and private groups. Have started four different businesses in two industries and built them to 50 plus employees and 15 million plus in sales. Have over 40 years sales experience, in many fields including real estate. Have an excellent understanding of being under capitalized and overworked and still being able to grow my businesses against national companies. I financed all my business with my own personal money. I understand very well how to motivate staff and customers. If you're a small business, I can help, been-there-done-that!



 San Diego State-Business,Marketing 100 plus, sales, marketing and business training classes Hobbies: Surfing, Motorcycle Dirt Bike Riding, Racquetball and Softball

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