How I can help you

If you face the challenge of transforming an idea, a concept, or a vision into a business, I may be able to help you.  After working in the financial services industry for 15 years, I chose to leave the big corporation and sail my own course.  I created both a consultancy and a small business that employed twelve. Of course, you’ll need money.  You may be able to attract VC investment.  On the other hand, if you have the option, you may choose to reject VC investment to protect your ownership in the business.  I chose to bootstrap and supported myself as a consultant while I laid the foundations of my own a profitable business. 

Everyone’s situation is different.  However, there are steps that almost everyone starting a business must climb.  That includes:  Building a support network of advisors who have talents and the operating experience that you lack; finding the right business attorney and accountant; learning how to use financial statements to properly manage your business.  If you have a partner, you'll need to create an operating agreement that protects each of you.

My experience might help you move forward on the sometimes joyful, sometimes dreadful, path of self-employment.  

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing, Public Relations & Sales

Industry Experience

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services


B.A. Hebrew University, Jerusalem

MBA San Francisco State University 

Art S. Leaffer

Communication Methods

  • In Person