How I can help you

I can help you work through an initial business plan and consider how to best test whether your business can be viable. I have worked as a software engineer, product manager, and COO at high-growth software startups and advised other small companies over the past decade to help them build product and reach market effectively without wasting time and money - you probably dont have enough of either! I provide product and engineering support along with operational support (how to hire and when, thinking about financial and business models, simplifying processes even at the start of your company) to help you grow your business. My background is in software development and engineering, but my past experience at early startups has led to lots of experience in the random hats you have to wear when the team is small (maybe just you!). I have done the initial product marketing and advertising for hardware and software products and managed teams and back office responsibilities as well.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Plan
  • Product Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Technology

Industry Experience

  • Professional Services

Aamir Virani

Communication Methods

  • Email
  • In Person
  • Phone
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