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Why Your Business Needs Its Own Email Domain

Your email domain has a major effect on your business credibility and reputation. Here are 6 reasons why every small business should have its own email domain. Read more


Can Online Focus Groups Help Increase Sales?

July 27, 2019,

Strangers to online focus groups sometimes assume they’re inferior to their in-person counterparts. Learn why online works and how to effectively execute.


Tune Up Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays

July 26, 2019,

Before the holiday rush starts, examine your marketing machine with these checkpoints and get your campaigns ready for the holidays.

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Get More Clients...While You Sleep

July 25, 2019, 1:00pm EDT

People want to get quick and easy results from businesses. Combining chatbots with a strong marketing plan makes landing new clients a breeze. Read more

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Are Millennial Customers Really That Important?

July 25, 2019,

Millennials have been the hot buzzword in business for a few years now. But is your small business making a mistake by marketing to this trendy group?


Finding and Using Brand Advocates to Grow Your Brand

July 24, 2019

Most people don’t trust brands, they trust their friends. So how can you find brand advocates and how can you use their influence to help grow your brand?


How To Think More Strategically About Pricing

Coming up with a smart pricing strategy is a tough task for many small businesses. You need to account for what customers are actually willing to pay. Read more


How to Use Social Media to Reach Your Customers

July 23, 2019,

Our latest infographic, “How Your Small Business Can Succeed with Social Media” shows the best social media tips and tricks for reaching your customers.


Five Things You Can Do to Get Your Product on HSN

July 23, 2019,

Learn how you as an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur can share your product and your story on the Home Shopping Network's American Dreams initiative.