SCORE Marketing Cookbook

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The SCORE Marketing Cookbook is a collection of simple recipes that you can use for marketing success. Ideal for either aspiring or existing entrepreneurs, the cookbook provides the information needed to plan and execute an effective marketing strategy for your small business.

Use the chapters and resources listed below in conjunction with the recipes in the SCORE Marketing Cookbook.

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Chapter 1. Marketing Strategy - Developing Your Marketing Strategy

Before you take on social media, advertising, or other marketing and promotions tactics, it's best to begin by identifying your overall goals and strategy.  In this chapter, you will find tips on developing a marketing strategy for your business that will guide your day-to-day efforts.

Chapter 2. Promotion - Promote Your Products & Services

When most small business owners think of marketing, they tend to think of advertising and promotions.  The second chapter of the SCORE Marketing Cookbook provides recommendations on traditional advertising (broadcast, outdoor, direct mail, etc.) and developing media relationships to build awareness of products and services.

Chapter 3. Online Marketing - Online Marketing

There are a number of ways to engage your customers online and SCORE has the resources to help you get started.  In this third chapter of the SCORE Marketing Cookbook, you’ll find recipes on building a website, using social media, getting started with email marketing, and growing your business with mobile marketing. 

Chapter 4. Community Outreach - Community Outreach & Visibility

This chapter helps you connect to your local community to promote business growth and opportunities.  Here, you can find recipes on networking strategies, customer loyalty programs, cause and event marketing.  If you need further assistance with being visible in your community, consider attending a business roundtable at your local SCORE chapter or meeting with your SCORE mentor to discuss ways to connect to your local business network.