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Social Media for Non-Techies
January 4, 2023
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Why Should Social Media Be an Integral Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy Download Transcript

Business owners and entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly aware that social media is a vital part of any marketing plan. Many of them don't have a complete understanding of this technology. They don't know what it is or how to use it. So watch for answers in this episode of SCORE Business TV.

SCORE is a 55-year-old nationwide non-profit organization providing free mentoring services to business owners. Our SCORE experts are here to guide you safely through that minefield.

Social Media for Non-Techies SCORE Business TV

In this series, Mical Johnson and Jason Bearden share their opinions with business owners and entrepreneurs on a variety of social media topics. Mical Johnson is the president of Cyberize Group. Jason Bearden is the owner of Digital Marketing Pro.



What You Will Learn About Social Media?

In this video, host Dennis Zink and his expert guests discuss the following topics:

What is social media?

How social media is different than SEO

The main social media platforms for B2B and B2C

What Twitter is good for?

Why it’s important for businesses to be involved in Social Media

How to build your customer base

What is the most effective way to build engagement

What are some benefits to joining groups

How to measure social media activities

What the best platforms are to reach a younger audience

When is the best time to use Pinterest

When is the best time to use Instagram

How to reach a more mature audience

What does it cost to have a social media campaign

What is the biggest misconception about social media

What are the key components of a typical social media marketing campaign

What a client budget looks like

Why is Social Media So Important for Small Businesses?

“Social media is like the new town hall, right? So there is a lot of word of mouth advertising that's been around for a long time. And now that we've gone to more of a digital platform, it's really hard for people to communicate with each other. So now they do it on social media. This is a great place to get referrals from people and also to showcase the best self of you in your business,” said Mical Johnson.

“Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing that you can do today, and social media is the closest thing to that. When people today are looking up a business or a brand, I mean will they go to your website? Yes. However, what's more effective of where they're going to judge you is going to be on your social media platforms, and that's why it's so important. I would say before a business, get a website up, which is important. That's a must. I would say get your social media business page up first,” said Jason Bearden.

"So what that means is that if small businesses can build their business Facebook, let's just say their business Facebook page, their business presence on social media, they have a better chance of reaching their customers than they would on their website. And the reason why I say that is because they can actually engage in real time with their customer base. Now, one of those things is in order for you to be able to respond to your customer base, you have to build a customer base and not just that, a relevant customer base. Okay. Somebody who is interested in your brand. I always like to say this. If you have 100 customers who are relevant to your brand, that's more powerful than a million people on your page that aren't relevant to your brand. So it's so important that you start building your brand through your social media marketing platforms because you're going to be far more effective in gaining brand new business that way," Bearden added.


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How Best to Acquire New Customers on Social Media?

“When you find something that is really hitting with your customer base, then that's where I start using social media advertising. So then I'll take that and I'll say, "Hey look, you know what? Let's get a broader reach than the people that are just interacting with it right now," because I know they're passionate. I know they're interested because of their actions, their engagements, the comments and the likes and the shares and everything else like that. And so that's a really great way, low cost way to actually go out there and acquire new customers is by finding the content that's engaging already in your social media profile and then advertising that to a very similar audience,” said Mical Johnson.

“So that would be one way. The the other way that you could do the customer acquisition side of it is really coming down and looking at what is some of the best deals that you've had within your business that have brought in new customers and then promote those on social media as well. So if it's a restaurant, maybe it was a lot of buy one get one free things or it was a a special Thursday offer that you ran. And you can always promote those kinds of things on social media as well. You just want to change the message a little bit so it's more engaging and entertaining for the people that are watching it on social media. Otherwise you won't get past all the other things that are out there,” added Johnson.

“The first thing you want to do is to utilize the people who will support you most. You want to start inviting the people who are already on your personal Facebook page to come and follow you on the business page. Once you've established that, then you want to start looking for groups. You want to start joining groups. You might even want to start your own social media group. And at that point, you would have control of that group, so you could actually invite people who might be relevant to your actual brand. Once you control that group, essentially people will be able to post in that group, but you will control what comes in and what goes out of that actual group, as well as be able to market yourself at a higher caliber as you start to build your brand and your business Facebook page,” said Jason Bearden.


Dennis Zink, SCORE Manasota Chapter Chair


Mical Johnson, President, Cyberize Group /

Jason Bearden, Owner, Digital Marketing Pro /

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