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TEMPLEWORK LA, Anna Marie Wood

Location: Los Angeles, California
What inspired you to start your business?

TEMPLEWORK LA started as a personal massage practice in 2008 with every intention of someday opening a boutique business that would provide massage, bodywork, and energy work for those who wanted a different experience.  A personal experience.  Many, many steps away from a corporate environment.  On December 19th, 2016 that is exactly what happened. 

Previously, I was traveling to private clients, renting space at other locations, and really doing what most massage therapists do…working hard and being available when clients call.  For me, this business will always be about learning.  I am very dedicated to my practice and my specialty is energy-based modalities.  So once again I found myself attending another class, but this one was a business class offered in May of 2016 with my energy school.  I showed up fully equipped with my dream board and loaded with unbridled passion.  The Law of Attraction kicked in and the Universe delivered.  I found a business plan template on the SBA website and began putting it to work.  I followed the prompts and so began my journey.  When you experience being “guided by spirit” everything falls into place.  The business location fell into place as well as all the amazing therapists that I work with.  I’m truly blessed.



My business is located at 3401 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90039… in the lovely Atwater Village, adjacent to Los Feliz and Silverlake


How SCORE helped.

I sought out marketing assistance from SCORE Los Angeles because I was building a business and the mentor programs at SCORE, I had read, are invaluable.  Emily Tufeld was great.       She visited my location and assisted with marketing that I hadn’t yet put into place.

Emily referred me to a wonderful graphic artist and together we designed a new logo, which is the one I currently use.  I LOVE it!  She also suggested I attend a class “Media for your Mission” and what a fabulous class it was.  Dale Thomas Vaughn teaches you how to reach media without a publicist.  Great!  All my hard work paid off and I was presented with my certificate of Entrepreneurship that currently hangs in my lobby.  I am so grateful to Emily and SCORE.  When you have a dream, you need support and guidance to make it become a reality.  SCORE gives you that guidance.  Thank you SCORE!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business?

This has been the most challenging and rewarding event of my life.  I have never worked this hard, but it’s an amazing feeling.  I’ve never been the type to wait for things to happen.  You must make your luck I think.  This business is a constant push to make sure I provide what clients need, that I am diligent in getting our name to the public, that I’m current with all my social media and just really keeping up with all the wheels that this business has spinning…and there are many spinning wheels.  The marketing, products, bookkeeping, maintenance of my facility, and caring for my clients…and this list goes on.  Then make sure to step aside and let The Universe do its job.  The Universe always delivers. 

My motto has always been,

 “Your body is the temple of your spirit”.

“We are living in a very fast-paced, traffic-filled, mobile device-laden time.  I believe the combination of massage and energy work allows our most precious human spirits to experience the grounded life we were meant to live while on this planet.”  - Anna Marie Wood

My mentors
Headshot of Emily J. Tufeld
Emily J. Tufeld

I have a background in advertising and marketing and have worked with all kinds of small business...

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712 H St NE PMB 98848
Washington, DC 20002
(800) 634-0245

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