Trade Show Marketing

Oct 20, 2015
9:30am - 12:30pm EDT
409 3rd Street, SW Suite 100A Room A
Washington, DC 20024

Trade show marketing has been a principal marketing tool for thousands of years and should be a part of every business’s marketing plan. Many small businesses avoid trade show participation because they don’t know how to effectively use them, and assume they will not obtain a positive return on their investment of time and resources. This workshop will cover techniques that will help you effectively use trade shows to keep current with industry trends and personalities; establish new contacts to benefit your business; renew and refresh relationships with existing contacts, and identify new business opportunities and customers.

Dan Nickell is a SCORE Mentor in the DC area, and has extensive domestic and international experience marketing large-scale industrial and federal-level intelligence and reconnaissance systems, corrections and law enforcement, telecommunications systems, and electronic security systems. Dan has proven writing and public speaking on corporate management issues, business development, and proposal management.  He is the author of a bestselling book on computer applications, technical works, and management articles.  Dan earned an MBA, (Management and Marketing concentrations) from George Mason University, as well as a BA "with honors," (Communications Research) from Michigan State University.  He also completed a major in Russian at Syracuse University. Additional education includes undergraduate work at Western Michigan University (Secondary Ed., Theatre) and graduate studies in statistics and testing, Chapman University