SALUDA WORKSHOP: How to Start & Manage Your Own Business

Sep 26, 2015
9:00am - 11:30am EDT
Saluda Professional Building
125 Bowden Street MPPDC Board Room
Saluda, VA 23149

Are you interested in starting a business but concerned about….

…… to begin? ……..where to begin? ……..whether your idea makes sense?

Here’s your chance to get some answers.

After this workshop you will know…..

     - How a business plan can help you

    - Your options for a legal structure of the business

    - The importance of creating a budget

    - The good news and the bad news about getting financing for your business

    -  How to define your product or service benefits and your target customer

     - Where to look for help and guidance

Don’t fall into the trap of “Build it and they will come” (because they won’t).

COST:  Free