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Joylynn M. Ross, Founder and CEO, Path To Publishing
How Path To Publishing SCOREd During The Pandemic Shut-Down

Path to Publishing, Joylynn M. Ross

Title / Role: Founder and CEO
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Formed in: 2000
My successes.

We started a business, grew it, achieved profitability, and then survived the COVID business crisis. We wouldn't be here today if it weren’t for SCORE.

What do you do?

Path To Publishing is a services business established to help authors at all stages of their writing careers with services including, but not limited to, ghostwriting, writing coaching, editing, preparation for publication (typesetting, cover design, etc.), publishing, and book promotion/marketing. Starting in 2022, we are also now a publisher. Our first book, now in development, will be published in 2023. In all of these services, we pride ourselves on our integrity and our ethics to give our clients world-class service and help them move away from the images and traps of the “vanity press” scams. Path To Publishing is a member of its local Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and the Independent Book Publishers Association—among others—which can attest to our high standards.

What inspired you to start your business?

I had already become a New York Times bestselling author by way of several ghostwriting projects. Along the way, I'd served as a literary agent, an editor, a book promoter, and—of course—an author. Getting to know other authors, I realized that far too many were one-dimensional in their business approach, which is to say they could do one thing involved in the publishing process but only one. They needed someone they could trust to help them work on all aspects of getting their books published and in front of the audience they were trying to reach, and I started my business to become that someone. I was right in that assessment back then, and now for more than two decades, Path To Publishing has been a success. SCORE has been a decisive factor in our initial success and in our success in surviving the COVID slump.

What's special about your business?

Path To Publishing operates in excellence, and that means we bring on only the best on behalf of our clients. Our team is made up of literary experts with in-depth, long-term track records in their areas of publishing specialties—writing, editing, book/cover design, publishing, and book/author marketing and promotion. We do not use interns or entry-level people. All of our team members have, in most cases, decades of experience. This lets us assure our clients that they are getting the best advice, guidance, and support that we can give them. This commitment to excellence for our clients, and this deep level of experience in our team, is what sets us apart.

What is your relationship with SCORE? SCORE client What influenced you to seek help from SCORE?

I wanted to have as much help as I could to ensure that I would be successful. I thought that having a mentor would help me to not make some big mistakes or to guide me in directions I may not have thought about. Overall, someone who was knowledgeable about business and comfortable with the things I needed help with.

How SCORE helped.

When I asked for help, SCORE in Las Vegas stepped forward. This started with their remarkable SCORE Financial Projections Guide. I used this as the foundation for my rebuilding efforts that began almost as soon as the pandemic shutdown kicked in—and kicked hard. This dynamic tool covered issues including payroll, financial projections, cash flow, income statements, balance sheets, monthly operating expenses, and much more. With these tools, I was able to pull together information that—with the help of our CPA and financial advisor—put us in a realistically sound position to survive and prosper instead of shutting down. In addition, with their amazing, and seemingly endless, resources, SCORE helped me apply for, and receive, the PPP and EIDL grants and loans made available by the massive recovery efforts the government cobbled together almost overnight. Those funds were great, but you had to know what was available and how to apply for them. And more importantly, you had to have your financial ducks in a row and ready to deliver to the lenders. Because of SCORE, I didn’t have to get ready when it came to the latter. I was ready!

Initially, I started out as a SCORE client, but to give back so much of what SCORE has given me, I've signed up to be a volunteer webinar/workshop presenter on the topic of "The Business of Storytelling" in which I share how your story is your first product as a business owner or entrepreneur and ways to leverage and monetize it.

What's great about my mentor?

Robert Frankenberg, a certified SCORE business mentor,  used a variety of methods to communicate with us, offering wisdom and expertise as well as encouraging me to keep moving forward. He helped us learn how to make our business more effective, and he also helped us learn how to be better mentors for our clients.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business?

I would love to tell them that they can do it! Find something that you LOVE doing and that you don't care if you are up past midnight working on. That means you are passionate about it, and it won't feel like work or that you have to force yourself to do it. They should definitely seek out a mentor from SCORE to help them along the way, so they have someone professional on their side who's willing to assist and wants the best for them.

What would you tell a fellow business owner about SCORE?

SCORE is founded on integrity. All their services and offerings are about us, as their business owner clients. We never got—and this is a hard-and-fast SCORE policy—anybody “pitching” his or her professional services to us during the workshops, webinars, and mentoring.  It’s all about us, the people they exist to serve. Seeing how SCORE operates impacted me and my company to the point where we adopted this approach in the presentation of our workshops, seminars, and conferences. We don’t turn these into opportunities to sell ourselves and our services. Our goal is to offer valuable information to the participants. 

I also love that SCORE offers virtual programs on Saturdays. We are running a business and can ill-afford to take a day or a series of days off, even if they’ll allow us to obtain essential new information. These Saturday workshops/webinars are a goldmine.

What have you learned from your experiences as a business owner?

First, I have learned that I have been blessed with certain skills that, when applied to the thoughts, ideas, and concepts of others, can help make a real difference and impact many lives, careers, businesses, and communities.  Further, I learned that wins in business aren't freak, one-time successes; they should all be celebrated. Then the next step is determining how to maximize those wins.  Lastly, I have learnedlargely through the very generous assistance of my SCORE mentorsthat the business skills I lacked, I could learn by reaching out to people who already knew what I needed to know.  

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