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Seminar Descriptions
Seminar Descriptions

SCORE Las Vegas has developed a number of business seminars which are offered on a regular basis.

Upcoming Seminars

Typical attendance is between 10 and 20 participants which allow for relevant discussion and audience questions to be answered. In many cases, the interactions of the attendees provide welcome insight into solutions of common problems and often lead to useful networking.  SCORE workshops and seminars are intended to compliment the one on one mentoring available to attendees.

Current Seminars include a variety of business topics designed for small businesses as follows:

How to Start Your Business

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Want to avoid costly mistakes and missteps? During this seminar, we examine a variety of topics facing an entrepreneur including helpful characteristics for a new business owner, develop and testing a new business idea, structuring the business and the role of the business plan.  This seminar will help the new business owner be prepared to launch and operate a successful business for today and tomorrow.

Small Business Financial Management and Cash Control

Each business decision you make has a financial impact on your business. Developing a solid financial plan and on-going strategies for your business can be the difference between success and failure. The seminar will demonstrate how to manage using financial tools including developing a financial plan for forecasting revenue, understanding what it costs to start/operate a business and requirements to break even. Also, basic financial reporting, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow and management and maintaining financial records will be presented.

Develop a Winning Business Plan

The Business Plan is the roadmap that guides businesses to success. Yet, most small businesses make the mistake of delaying or neglecting the development of a solid plan before launching.  It is essential to understanding your business and monitoring your progress. Learn how to conceptualize, write, and implement an operational plan that will document your vision, goals, and tactics and then be your operational guide.  Topics covered will include basic elements of a business plan, building a marketing plan, tools for researching your target customer, techniques for operations management and standards that lead to effective cash management.

Hiring, Training and Inspiring the Best Employees

Have you heard it said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?” If that’s true, then why are people unhappy with their work? What is the true business impact associated with poor employee hires?   This seminar provides real-world winning techniques for reading resumes and applications for great employee hires, proven interviewing tactics, the role of training in employee satisfaction, building a work culture that increases loyalty and how to solve employee problems quickly and positively. Your employees can and should be your biggest asset.

Marketing your Brand and Business

Customers do business with BRANDS that they know. Contracts are awarded to companies where a relationship exists. Successful small businesses are well known in the community they serve. Whether you run an existing small or are starting a business, the development of a well thought out marketing strategy is a critical factor in gaining a competitive edge and achieving success.   This seminar focuses creating a unique brand, effective marketing planning, defining your target market, measurement tools to validate what works and an overview of various marketing tactics.

Social Media Marketing

Learning how to leverage social media and digital marketing is essential for all businesses today.  As part of this effort understanding the key elements of a strong online presence will allow a business to drive and convert internet traffic into sales transactions.  Building a consistent, multi-channel brand, utilizing search engine optimization, the value of social networking (e.g. Twitter, FaceBook, Blogs, Podcasts), sharing best practices and tools to measure the impact will be covered in this seminar.

Art of Selling

Selling and closing sales are the most important aspects of bringing dollars into your business.  Marketing brings people through the door. Sales convert these people to customers   Learning the art of selling is a must-have skill!  This seminar covers sales techniques that work, how to turn people into customers, creating the need for your product, how to overcome objections through upfront preparation and teaching your employees to sell. A strong sales strategy is essential for creating long-term business success.

Prospecting for Customers and Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Many businesses fail, not because they don’t have a good product or service, but because nobody is buying it. Prospective customers can’t buy if you’re not in front of the decisions makers making the presentation. Studies have shown that the average company will lose 50% of its customer base over a five-year period. What this means is that the business owner must always be adding clients by prospecting for customers. This seminar covers the 15 most important prospecting activities, outlining which are most effective for the investment.

How to Fund Your Business

Money is essential to successfully operate a small business.  It is required for supporting innovation and marketing, funding capital investment and of course paying the bills. Whether you are starting your business or a current business operator, knowing how to fund your business is a key to achieving growth and profitability. A funding expert from Score will provide ideas and information relating to bank lending, SBA guarantees, and internet loan sources. In addition, information on the recent growth in equity financing sources – both private and governmental – will be covered.

How to start and operate a home-based business

Starting a business from your home requires upfront planning.  This seminar provides guidance on setting up your home office for business success, identifying winning marketing strategies, learning how to identify your target market, the role of the internet and social media, the importance of accurate accounting and record keeping and Nevada business rules and licenses. It is a comprehensive overview for the small business owner starting at home.

Consulting & Independent Contracting

This workshop shares insights for individuals developing a consulting or contracting business.  Content will cover the prerequisites for becoming a consultant or independent contractor along with the pros and cons of being a consultant. Additional topics include an explanation of how the IRS defines an independent contractor and why it matters, requirements for a consulting business, and tools to help you succeed.

Franchising, Path to Small Business Ownership

There are over 3,000 franchises in the US within 80 industries.  It is estimated that 12% of businesses in North America are franchised, accounting for more than 50% of retail sales.  Yet 30% of franchises require start-up capital of less than $100,000. This seminar will share insights about the franchising model and compare it to starting your own or buying an existing business. Make sure you have done your due diligence and have a plan for whatever direction you head.   A legal expert will review the laws around different business models including franchising.

How to start and manage a nonprofit organization

Are you thinking about starting or currently managing a non-profit organization?  Non-Profit organizations are different compared to for-profit businesses.  Setting a vision, understanding the current environment, identifying your target, developing a fundraising strategy and marketing are just a few areas that need upfront planning. Also applying for and obtaining a non-profit designation from the IRS is critical. These topics and more are discussed by an experienced non-profit expert.

Location and Business Success

As a business owner, picking the right location and negotiating whether to buy or lease is critical to your success. Learn from an experienced Score commercial real estate expert the key factors of commercial real estate, including selecting the right location using demographic analysis, pros, and cons of buying versus leasing, standard lease terms and conditions, how to negotiate and when to buy.  This seminar will cover everything you ever wanted to know about all types of real estate, including retail, office, industrial, and investment. Be prepared before you sign any agreements.

“All SBA programs and services are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made by contacting point and provide the following information: The Score LV program you will be attending, Date, Time, Location where service will be needed, Type of service required. You will receive a confirmation email from Christina.” 

Free Seminars

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (LVCCLD)

Virtually all SCORE seminars are offered throughout the area by their network of libraries with conference facilities. The most requested offerings are “How to Start your Business” and “Funding your Business”. The Library District posts all classes on their web pages.

Veterans and Military Personnel

Those serving the Nation are always welcome at workshops at no cost and the “Registration” feature is designed to facilitate entry to all seminars. Also, the second (or additional) persons accompanying a Veteran are welcome at half price. Military I.D. is preferred.

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