Understanding and reaching your target is the goal of Integrated Marketing Werx. They utilize proven techniques to understand what drives a business, identify and understand markets, then target communications to customers who want and need the business’s unique products and services.  The result is maximizing sales revenue and profitability of each marketing program.


My Successes: 

Alongside much of the marketing and advertising industry, Integrated Marketing Werx was impacted by the coming recession in 2008 which paralyzed decision making within companies who were already anticipating shrinking budgets.  Since then Karen, with the help of her SCORE mentor, Dr. Dave Palmer, has focused on differentiating her company to target prospects and re-positioning the organization within the industry.  As a result, the company has begun acquiring growth-oriented clients that fit their target criteria.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

Karen reflects on her mentor’s impact saying, “Dr. Dave Palmer has been an invaluable asset in two ways.  He has helped introduce me and identify where decision-makers and influencers within my target audiences would be most accessible.  He has also served as an objective sounding board to test the validity of my business assumptions.  I am…continuing to benefit from Dr. Palmer’s insights.”