With SCORE and ICCC, you don’t have to go it alone.

We are proud to partner with Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) to provide business mentoring and resources to help you succeed. Learn more, and find your mentor below.

Get the guidance and support you need to start or grow your inner-city business.  Enter keywords to browse through our mentor profiles to find your perfect match. Or enter your zip code and complete the request form to let your local SCORE chapter pair you with the right mentor.

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What is ICCC?

Inner City Capital Connections seminar Inner City Capital Connections is an executive education and training program that strives to help inner-city businesses build capacity, achieve sustainable growth, and, in turn, drive economic prosperity in underserved communities.

ICCC promotes inclusive prosperity and steers companies towards success by providing business owners with:
 - Education about different forms of capital and connections to potential capital providers
 - Capacity-building trainings around topics such as Talent Management, Business Strategy, Marketing, and Entrepreneurial Finance
 - Valuable networking opportunities at the local and national scale

How does SCORE help inner-city businesses?

Whatever industry your small business may be in, we can connect you to free support and resources – including business planning help, financial guidance, growth strategies and other types of business assistance.

  • Mentoring provides improved chances for success through one-on-one business coaching, in-person, online or over the phone
  • Workshops offer training and help on a wide range of topics, enabling you to learn from subject matter experts
  • Online resources are your playbook, providing step-by-step outlines for successful business strategies

ICCC can also help connect you to other useful programs and resources within their network to help you grow your small business.