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Time is Money: Tips on How To Make the Best of it
July 29, 2021
How to Work Smarter – Not Harder for a Great Work-Life Balance

Everyone is given the same amount of time each day. It is up to us to manage this time as we would any other precious, nonrenewable asset. 

Time is Money: Tips on How To Make the Best of it

As the saying goes, “Time is money.”

Time management is at the very core of any successful businessperson. High-performing business owners know how to concentrate on results while ineffective business owners concentrate on just being busy.  

If you focus on task achievement rather than tension-relieving diversions, then your bank account will reflect your output with just 0’s and no numbers before it. 

One of the biggest killers for business owners is procrastination. In reality, it would take you less time to do that task at hand than all the time you spend thinking about it and avoiding the task. Develop a “Get it done” attitude. As Brian Tracy stated, “Eat that Frog.” Which means do the one thing that you have to do to grow your business but are wanting to avoid first? Then everything after that will be easy. Don’t procrastinate – eat that frog.

People manage time by managing their activities and managing activities beings with planning. 

So, how do you do that?


Here are 6 Time Management Tips to Help you be more Productive....

  1. Plan your day the night BEFORE. List and prioritize the top 5 objectives you desire to accomplish when you get to the office. Put the frog as number one and stay with it until it is completed. Do the most difficult tasks first.
  2. If you need to sell, then your #1 priority is making appointments. If you do not have an appointment with a prospect, then get on the phone and make one. Make your phone calls in the morning when you are fresh and alert. One simple strategy is to make a list of names with phone numbers of all the people you need to call the next day. Put that list on your desk with nothing else around it. When you get into your office and go to your desk you have the list of people to call and that is what you do first. No searching for their names and numbers.  Just start calling.
  3. DND. Do not disturb. Let others know when you do not want to be disturbed. Close your office door and stay focused on the task at hand. With no distraction (people, phone, email, computer, etc.) watch how fast you can complete a task.
  4. Get to the office early. Early bird gets the worm. By getting into the office early you may have that quiet time to complete many tasks while being undisturbed.
  5. Avoid long personal phone calls, lunches, and coffee breaks. How much of your day do you spend with a client or actively prospecting for a new business? Use an activity log to track how you spend your time. You will be very surprised by the results.
  6. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Stop doing all the administrative and paperwork duties. Focus your efforts on the things that you need to do to grow your business. When in doubt on a task, ask yourself, “What is the best use of my time right now?”

What are you going to implement today to be better at managing your time?

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Balancing time and money
Being a business owner, you have two very precious commodities. Time and Money. You can always make/borrow more money. But you cannot get your time back. One of the biggest killers of small businesses is poor time management. Everything you do in your business must be to grow your business, sell your product or service, adding value to your customers. If you are busy emptying out the trash and cleaning your office during operating hours-you are wasting your time, money and a very precious commodity.

There are many different time management techniques available for you to use. Just find one

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