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Obtaining Quality Links
July 29, 2021
How to Find Quality Links to Help Search Engine Placement

Primary consideration: Use only trusted web sites with on-topic content for quality links.

First Step: Obtain links with popular and trusted web directories. Start with DMOZ which is free and presently a data provider for 149 search engines. Link to all of these directories that you can:

Always check for trusted sites by manual search observation. A trusted site has site links shown below the search results of the site. These are links to internal pages and usually number between four and eight links. For example the search result for yahoo shows this result:


Welcome to Yahoo!, the world’s most visited home page. Quickly find what you’re searching for, get in touch with friends and stay in-the-know with the ......... 

Second Step: Research all of your unique industry trade journals and trade associations. These sites generally have good rankings for your industry “norm” or generic keyword(s). If a trusted site, these industry sites may be your best overall linking advantage. 

Third Step: Search the web for sites to acquire links. These sites will have on-topic content and indexed by your most important keyword(s) string. Using Google search logic, perform detailed web site searches with this general structure always identifying your main important keyword(s) and/or string.

  • Sites available for links upon request without reciprocation. Some examples:
    • keyword + “list your site” -reciprocal
    • keyword + “your link here” -reciprocal
    • Other examples are “post link”, “post your link” and many others
  • Using action word “add” as in keyword “add url” or “add web site” as well as using wildcard * (if permitted) after add.
  • Using variations of word “submit” as in keyword “submit your site” or keyword “submit site” as well as wildcard versions.
  • Using variations of word “suggest” including wildcard versions as in keyword “suggest url”
  • Find your keyword(s) in site architecture terms as in the file title, url, text or anchor text such as
    • allintitle:keyword or allinurl:keyword

Fourth Step: Web directories and lists are searched using the same logic and structure with these examples with additional separate searches with wild card indicators: 

  • keyword directory or intitle:directory keyword and inurl:directory keyword
  • list of keyword sites

Fifth Step: Look for web sites that have favorite or recommended links for your keyword(s):

  • recommended links keyword
  • Search also terminology like “favorite” as well as “sites”

Sixth Step: Search message boards, forums and blogs with on-topic content for your keyword(s):

  • keyword forum Use interchangeably the terms forum or blog for these searches
  • intitle:keyword blog or inurl:keyword forum


Source: SEARCH ENGINE WATCH as revised by Walter Williams May , 2013
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