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New Year’s Resolutions for Sales People
August 17, 2022

The beginning of a new year brings people the opportunity for a fresh start as they reset their personal goals with a clean slate. Participants in this ritual include many salespeople who establish ‘resolutions’ for their sales goals, account wins and book of business. While documenting the end gives important milestones, this year try out including in your resolutions some ways you are going to achieve these desired results. Think about three areas that can leverage your sales effectiveness in the coming year.

Take better care of yourself. A lot of salespeople get used to taking care of everyone else’s needs and put their own at the back of the list. To have the energy and positive attitude you need to sell at your best, you need to be healthy and need to spend time doing things that bring you satisfaction. During the coming year make an effort to improve the amount of exercise and sleep you get. Think about creative ways to track your food intake so you have some form of accountability for what and how much you eat. Spend more time doing the things that you enjoy. Try scheduling these activities in a realistic way by bumping them up in small increments….just so you see some progress. Learn to say no to most things that bump up against this ‘personal time’.

Try out new sales techniques. Even salespeople who repeatedly achieve goals should try new techniques. Why? Because what you’re doing now may not be the best approach. If you’ve always networked, try prospecting another way. If you’ve always opened the sales call with the same question, try a new one. Ever asked for a referral? Try asking. Who knows? The new idea may produce results that were beyond your expectations.

Listen more. Top salespeople are great at listening. They listen with their ears and eyes so that they get information that they can use to sell effectively. They notice facial expressions to tell them when their customer is concerned. They hear the hesitation in a customer’s voice to notice a lack of commitment to a current supplier. They listen for reporting relationships to determine who has buying power and influence. When you combine listening more with listening better you’ll see how you’re selling gets better results.

Best wishes for a successful coming year!

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