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Jeanne Rossomme of Roadmap Marketing provides expert advice on social media strategies that work for your business.



Should a small business develop and implement a social media strategy, even if they feel their customers “aren’t there”?

An effective social media strategy must be tied to your customer buy cycle—the process (where and when) customers make decisions on purchasing your product or service. Do they ask other for referrals/recommendations? Do they use their mobile devices to search for information? On which social media networks are they especially active?

The answers to these general questions will help keep you develop a focused social media strategy. Also, keep your “ears” open by talking with clients, using tracking tools such as Google Alerts, and reading client industry trends to see when and where client and prospects are using social media. “Jump” in only when it makes sense.

Q: What are three tips for luring readers to your small business blog?
  • Link to appropriate blog articles in your client email communications.
  • Offer to write for other sites, newsletters, etc., that target your same prospects, and post summaries and links back to your blog posts.
  • Answer related questions on LinkedIn groups or discussion forums with links back to your articles.

There’s a fine line between timely and overexposed on social media. What’s the key to maintaining the proper online visibility?

Social media content is more an issue of quality versus quantity. About 80 percent of your Facebook posts, Tweets, and LinkedIn Group posts should be reacting to others and promoting them. No more than 20% of your communications should be of a promotional or sales nature. Focus on talking about things that are of value to your clients and prospects.

Q: What are two or three ways a small business can gauge the success of its social media efforts?
  • Awareness: Visits coming from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook.
  • Interaction: Comments on blog and Facebook posts; number of friends/followers and viewers.
  • Conversions: Percentage taking advantage of promotional offers. Don’t forget to ask all new clients, “How did you first hear about us?”


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About the Author

Jeanne Rossomme, founder of Roadmap Marketing, uses her 20 years of marketing know-how to help small business owners reach their goals. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she held a variety of marketing positions with DuPont and General Electric in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Jeanne loves to speak to audiences and regularly hosts workshops in English and Spanish, as well as conducting live webinars for SCORE.