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How to Profitably Exit Your Online Business

June 20, 2019,

If you’re one of the entrepreneurs building your business with the intentions of selling it one day, you should start planning for that day now.


Putting a Value on Your Business: Why and How

Most business owners have a vague idea of what their business would be worth if they wanted to sell. Here are four reasons to perform a business valuation. Read more


8 Tips on Managing Your Business Assets Wisely

Your small business’ physical assets make up a sizable portion of the value of your company. That’s why you must ensure that you manage assets correctly.


How to Properly Dissolve Your LLC

There are many reasons to close your business, not all of which are related to failure. Whatever the cause, there is a proper procedure for LLC dissolution. Read more


The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Succession Planning

Whether retirement is 30 years away, just over the horizon or not in your game plan, succession planning is vital to ensure the continued success of your business. Read more


How to Maximize Profit When Selling Your Business

April 25, 2019,

Apart from the hard numbers, emotional factors affect the value of your business. Learn how these can impact how buyers feel about what your company is worth.


Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Saving for Retirement

April 11, 2019,

Our latest infographic, “Small Business Retirement: Investing in Your Future” explores the relationship between retirement savings and entrepreneurship.


When, Why and How to Sell Your Small Business

The latest BizBuySell Insight Report found that 10,312 small businesses were sold in 2018 – which was a record number for the third straight year.