The Entrepreneur Equation


Through illustrative examples and personalized exercises, “tell-it-like-it-is” Carol Roth helps you create and evaluate your own personal Entrepreneur Equation so that you can:

• Learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive environment

• Save money, time, and effort by avoiding business ownership when the time isn’t right for you

• Identify and evaluate the risks and rewards of a new business—or even reconsider a current business—based on your goals and circumstances.

• Evaluate whether your dreams are best served by a hobby, job, or business

• Gain the tools that you need to maximize your business success

Duration: 1 Hour
Guest Speaker: Carol Roth,Small Business Strategist and New York Times Bestselling Author

About Carol:

Carol Roth helps businesses grow & make more money. An investment banker, business strategist and deal maker, she has helped her clients, ranging from solopreneurs to multinational corporations, raise more than $1 billion in capital, complete hundreds of millions of dollars in M&A transactions, secure high-profile licensing and partnership deals, create brand loyalty programs and more.

Carol is a frequent radio, TV & print media contributor on the topics of business and entrepreneurship, having appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, Fox Business, WGN TV Chicago and more. She is also signed to LA-based t.v. production company Snackaholic who is currently developing a television show around Carol’s life as a business expert and personality.

Carol’s Unsolicited Business Advice blog at was recently named as one of the Top 10 small business blogs online. The Entrepreneur Equation, Carol’s book on evaluating the realities, risks and rewards of business ownership is due out March 2011.