How to Get Discovered Online With or Without a Website November 2, 2015, 1:00pm EST November 2, 2015, 1:00pm EST
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Although a website is an anchor for many companies to conduct business online, it’s not the only way for prospective customers to discover your company and make a buying-decisions. In fact, in many cases, your website may be the last place where people first find your company.

Social networks, SEO/SEM, offline media, and your local presence all serve to introduce your company to interested-customers. And while an impressive, effective website is all-important, so too, is investing in other ways for customers to discover your company.

Participants in this workshop presented by partnership with Staples will learn how-to:

  • Identify the best online networks to help people find your company faster and easier
  • Find the right social network for your business to attract customers
  • Develop a local presence that invites prospective customers to your business
  • Use offline and online media to position yourself as the expert in your field

About the Presenter(s)

Edison Guzman

Edison Guzman is a SCORE volunteer and owner of A&E Advertising and Web Design. As Chair of the Orange NY SCORE, he advises clients on how to start and grow a business. Having been an entrepreneur since 1991, Edison understands the survival skills a business must possess in order to thrive in any economic condition.

Owner, A&E Advertising and Web Design
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