The 10 Most Effective, Least Expensive Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in 90 Days July 18, 2014, 1:00pm EDT July 18, 2014, 1:00pm EDT
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Too many businesses struggle to consistently generate leads and close sales.  They are constantly scrambling to find their next customer and close their next sale. 

Now you can take control of your own business future by implementing one of ten systematic marketing strategies to quickly increase your sales.

Learn from Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Finkel as he shares ten powerful strategies to reliably generate leads. He’ll also share how to do these strategies systematically so you can sustain them even when your business gets busy.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • A simple “reactivation campaign” to get 15% or more of your old customers to come back and repurchase from you.
  • 2 Formalized referral systems to grow your client base by 25% for less than $100.
  • A little-known strategy to turn your vendors into a free sales force for your products and services.
  • How to create your “Gateway Offer” so that your customer’s first purchase leads to the richest relationship for both of you.
  • How to leverage “Marque” customers, vendors, and strategic partners to radically increase conversion percentages.
  • And much more.

“Just one idea we got from the program was the reactivating of old clients and re-establishing those relationships that faded away.  In the last 90 days we’ve seen 2 clients that have resulted in around $80,000 in new revenue.”

- Chad Johnson, Ceramic Decorating Company, Inc.

The bottom line is that you’ll leave with one or more concrete marketing strategies you can implement that day to see a rapid increase in sales.


About the Presenter(s)

David Finkel

A former Olympic level athlete turned serial entrepreneur, David Finkel is the CEO of Maui Mastermind®, one of the world’s premier business coaching companies that has coached thousands of business owners to grow their companies and increase their owner independence.

CEO, Maui Mastermind