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Counselors and Consultants

Below you will find the volunteer counselors and consultants who comprise the local SCORE chapter for Dutchess County.

Herbert Adams - Consultant - Management, Sales / Contacts, Marketing

Paul Banner - Consultant - Law, Fundraiser, Planning

Janice Callot - Face-to-Face Counselor - Brokerage, Financial / Sales, Management

James Calpin - Face-to-Face Counselor - Management, Marketing / Retail, Retail Merchandising

Dean Chenarides - Consultant - Human Resources Management, Labor Relations, Supply Services

Sudhir Dharia - Face-to-Face Counselor - Fast Food, Property Management, Project Manager, Franchising

Kathy Dispensa - Face-to-Face Counselor -  Management, Financial Services, Computer Banking

Julius Glassman - Face-to-Face Counselor - Finance, Management, Contracts, CFO, CPA

Arni Halling - Consultant - Start Up, Marketing, Merchandising, Administration

Carol Heady - Consultant - Training Consulting, Customer Service, Business Services, Woman Mentoring

Al Hechler - Face-to-Face Counselor - Management, Marketing, Strategy / Planning, Technologies, Project Management, Social Media

Frank Kalan - Face-to-Face Counselor - Engineering Management, Planning Engineering, Marketing

Nancy Kappler-Foster - Face-to-Face Counselor - Finance, Engineering Planning, Management, Career Counseling, Accounting

Brian Kelly - Consultant - Marketing, Promotions, Merchandising, Websites

Terry Kennedy - Face-to-Face Counselor - Manufacturing, Marketing, Marketing Research, Merchandising

Jeffery Lash - Face-to-Face Counselor

Grant Lewis - Face-to-Face Counselor - Business Planning / Strategy, Marketing, Construction, Sales, Counseling

Kenneth Mann - Consultant - Accounting, Bookkeeping, Budgets, Cash Flow, Business Services

Laurie Milano - Consultant - Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Project Management, Real Estate

Yogendra Singh - Face-to-Face Counselor - Business Planning, Marketing, Business Startup / Turnaround, Operational, Project Management, Technologies

Carolyn Tiebout - Consultant - Tour Planner, Music Lessons, Hotels & Motels, Travel Industry

Vikas Varma - Consultant

Skip Weisman - Consultant - Business Skills, Consulting, Sales, Marketing Strategies, Alliances

1165 Herndon Parkway, Suite 100
Herndon, VA 20170
(845) 454-1700

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