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Brett Farmiloe is the Founder & CEO of Featured, an expert insights network that connects subject matter experts with publishers to create Q&A content. Brett is a 4x company founder with a successful exit, a published author, and passionate about supporting small business. 

Two business people having discussion in cafe with laptop on table and a tablet in hand
11 Questions to Ask a Mentor in the Small Business World.
As a business professional who is constantly making decisions, what type of questions should you be asking? Knowing what questions
ceo mentor leader talking to female trainee
14 Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice They’ve Ever Received from a Mentor
To help you see the benefit of mentorship, we asked entrepreneurs this question for their best insights gained as mentees. From
man going over his finances
12 Funding Options for Black-Owned Businesses
To help Black-owned businesses identify the best funding sources available, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for
Woman holding vintage open sign up outside of a boutique store front.
10 Ways To Celebrate National Black Business Month
To help you best support Black-owned businesses, we asked Black business owners and leaders this question for their best
Young woman writing her daily routines on her personal diary book at cafe
12 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
To help you develop the best habits for success as an entrepreneur, we asked successful entrepreneurs and business owners this
Asian woman startup small business at home office
12 Resources to Help Independent Retailers Succeed
From synergizing with Google Map Pack to using social media, there are several resources to help independent retailers succeed.
Lending and subsidizing farmers.
12 Funding Options for Rural Entrepreneurs
From crowdfunding to state trade expansion programs, there are several funding options for rural entrepreneurs
Saleswoman helping customer
How to Make the Most of Independent Retailer Month
From reaching out to your local media to starting a “retailer of the year” award, there are many ways to make the most of
Business owner taking a picture of their product for social media
Social Media for Small Business Owners: 11 Top Strategies
From responding to your audience to consistently posting content, there are several social media strategies for small business
Business owner in dressmaking showroom creating a colorful dress for pride
9 Ways You Can Support LGBTQIA+ Owned Businesses
From providing monetary support to partnering with firms that support gender equality, there are several ways to support LGBTQIA+
Individual looking at laptop in office with pride flag in the background
12 Professional Networks for LGBTQIA+ Professionals or Entrepreneurs
From Out Professionals to your DIY network, several professional networks exist for LGBTQIA+ leaders.
A Technician and Worker Talking in a Factory Wearing Safety Uniform and Hard Hat
12 Steps Small Business Owners Can Take To Manage Workplace Health and Safety
From testing safety procedures to preparing a checklist of all potential hazards, there are several ways to manage workplace
Two people sitting at an office desk laughing
11 Questions To Cover During a Midyear Check-In
From asking about short and long-term goals to identifying top-performing employees, there are several questions to cover during a
Diverse Group of Colleagues Conversing in Office
9 AANHPI Business Owners Share Their Secrets To Success
From adopting solid business practices to working with a goal-oriented mindset, there are several success secrets shared by AANHPI
AAPI craftsman laughing in their shop
11 Tips on How to Handle Challenges and Overcome Adversity as an Asian Entrepreneur
From evaluating yourself to asking for help, there are several tips for overcoming adversity as an Asian entrepreneur.
AAPI person sitting talking to client and smiling
11 Ways to be an Ally for Asian Professionals and Business Owners
From breaking down the AAPI monolith to empowering Asian leaders, there are many ways to be an ally for Asian business owners.
Four AAPI individuals in a conference room having a discussion
12 Professional Networks for AANHPI Professionals or Entrepreneurs
From the National ACE to Asian Wander Women, there are several AANHPI professional networks for entrepreneurs to join.
Person putting clothes into a bin labeled Charity Donations
14 Ways Small Businesses can Participate in Volunteer Work
From joining a larger effort to making a donation, small businesses have several effective ways to participate in volunteer work.
Female and male holding papers and looking at laptop screen
14 Tax Preparation Resources for Small Businesses
From researching AICPA listings to taking free courses, there are several tax preparation resources for small businesses.
Woman volunteer at a food drive passing a food can
11 Ways to Grow a Business Through Volunteer Work
From building camaraderie to inspiring word-of-mouth referrals, there are several ways that volunteering can help grow your
Four individuals collaborating in an office
10 Key Roles to Consider When Building a Powerful Startup Team
When forming a startup team, from hiring a CFO to investing in a CTO, you should consider several key roles.
Smiling AAPI woman writing in a notebook
8 Resources To Help AAPI Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
From joining the Asian Professional Exchange to finding a mentor, there are several resources to help AAPI small businesses.
Male and Female Entrepreneurs working on a laptop together.
Top 10 Business Blockers To Overcome As a First-Time Entrepreneur
From overcoming the fear of success to the fear of rejection, there are several business blockers to overcome as a first-time
Cropped photo of male hands working on documents with a calculator
12 Small Business Tax-Saving Strategies
To help small business owners and entrepreneurs save taxes through legitimate and easy ways, we asked experienced entrepreneurs
Two women talk business
Learning From Women-Owned Small Businesses: 12 Challenges & How to Overcome Them
To help women entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome their challenges, we asked founders and CEOs this question for
asian cashier using credit card in small business
10 Ways to Use Credit to Fuel Your Business
Learn how other entrepreneurs build their credit and fund their businesses.
black couple talking with car sales man
13 Sales Pitch Techniques To Better Connect With Customers
Looking for a good sales pitch? Use these techniques to pull in customers.
black barista gives thumbs up to customer who paid on her phone
13 Black Business Owners Share Their Secrets To Success
Get tips from Black entrepreneurs on how to succeed in business.
black woman folding arms in conference room
How To Build a Strong Leadership Team: 9 Actions To Take
Use advice from other business owners to help build your executive leadership team.
group of professionals standing around table examining graphs
9 Ways Your Business Can Grow Without Venture Capital
From building client relationships to crowdfunding, there are many ways to grow your business without venture capital. Learn other
Older man and young woman looking at computer and smiling
How To Launch a Partner Program: 9 Partnership Considerations
Learn from these entrepreneur's experiences on building partnership programs.
mature black woman using computer and reading paperwork
11 Strategies to Help Generate Positive Cash Flow
Learn different ways that other business owners have improved their cash flow.
man speaking at conference to room full of people
How to Learn From Experienced Leaders: 10 Things To Do
Advice from other entrepreneurs and business owners to gain leadership experience and grow your business.
man standing in coffee shop wearing apron and interacting with customer
14 Brand Loyalty Strategies for Small Businesses
Make sure your customers return by using these brand loyalty strategies from other small business owners.
young Black woman presenting to investors using whiteboard
10 Tips for Creating a Winning Executive Summary for Investors
Write the best executive summary for your business plan with advice from other business owners.
mixed race woman smiling at desk
9 Ways To Grow Your Business in the New Year
Learn how to grow your business with advice from fellow small business owners.
black main brainstorming ideas with sticky notes
13 Business Brainstorming Strategies to Encourage Innovation
Use these brainstorming examples from other business owners to fuel your creative juices and grow your business.
business owners standing in front of cafe store front
11 Steps to Protect Your Business Name
Use this advice from other entrepreneurs to protect your brand name.
family and friends around thanksgiving dinner table
14 Things to Be Thankful for as an Entrepreneur
There is so much to be thankful for as an entrepreneur. See what these business owners are most grateful for today.
older Indian man and younger woman of color looking at laptop together
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Your First Sales Team
Make sure you're building an efficient sales team with these tips from other entrepreneurs.
Angry young couple complaining, bad contract terms, arguing with manager
When to Say No in Business: 8 Signs to Pass on Opportunities
Not all opportunities are meant to be taken. These entrepreneurs give advice on when you should say no.
man in wheelchair typing on desktop computer
10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money
Find an online business idea that you can launch without start-up funds.
two women sit around table discussing business
11 Small Business Negotiation Strategies and Tips for Business Owners
Use these tips from other small business owners to improve your negotiation skills.
Latina behind the pastry counter of her business
11 Funding Options for Female Entrepreneurs
Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for funding? Try these 11 resources.
two latina women wearing masks and working on a computer
11 Cybersecurity Best Practices to Improve Business Internet Security
Make sure that your business's data is protected using these tips from other small business owners.
four hispanic business women standing together
8 Professional Networks for Latina Professionals or Entrepreneurs
From the Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement to the Association of Latino Professionals for America, find the professional
latino man in green sweater recording podcast with ring light and cellphone
8 Best Business Podcasts for Business Owners
Podcasts can help you to reinvigorate your business planning or get inspiration for a new product. Discover the best podcast for
older hispanic gentleman standing outside business in apron
8 Ways To Support Hispanic-Owned Businesses
To help you with ideas to advocate for Hispanic-owned businesses, we asked business professionals and executives this question for
owner of specialty store standing behind counter in blue button up
11 Sales Techniques to Help Grow Your Small Business
Wondering what types of sales strategies your small business should use? Use these 11 tips to grow your small business sales.
two hispanic women in spice store
10 Critical Numbers To Determine The Health Of Your Business
To help business owners better understand how to determine the health of their business, we asked CEOs and business professionals
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