Having over 10 years of research experience in various areas such as: psychiatric trials, vaccine studies, hypertension, smoking cessation and so much more,Olivia Ray who recently became a new mother, knew she needed flexibility in her schedule if she continued working. Instead of working as a contractor for various projects or working in a large clinical research group, this new mom opted to start her own clinical research center, Ventavia Research Group. Ventavia Research Group was the perfect fit for her new lifestyle, allowing her the freedom to be able to take care of her child.

My Successes: 

Because of her diligent networking skills, after 3 short months of opening, Olivia successfully secured her first client. Olivia and her staff are participating in a study for a Clostridium Difficile vaccine. Clostiridium Difficle is a disease that hospitalizes 350,000 individuals each year.



How SCORE Helped: 

Olivia's mentors helped the research professional turn her four page business plan into a solid 50 page plan that consisted of a budget and estimated cash flow. With the complete business plan for Ventavia Research Group in place, Olivia was able to successfully receive a $150,000 line of credit that was used to launch her business.