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Every business has to raise its prices at some point. And if you provide genuine value, and the hikes aren’t too steep then your customers may not notice, or care too much. But for many business owners, particularly in competitive industries, raising your prices can be tricky.  If
Is all of your filing up to date? If you’re like most business owners, there is a pile of it somewhere and you are laden with guilt and shame that you “can’t keep up with it.” You probably fantasize about hiring an intern some summer to do it but never find the time to
When developing a 13 Week Cash Flow Statement in a job shop, forecasting future business seems especially difficult due to the variety of jobs that might be won in future weeks. The solution is to select a few typical product or job types from experience, and forecast those as representative of
There’s nothing like a cash crisis in your business to make you take a hard look at how efficiently cash flows through your company. But don’t wait until you’re panicked about cash to improve your cash flow. You can and should take steps now to improve the financial health of
Cash crunch! Those are dreaded words for a small business owner. If you’re up against a cash crunch, there’s a chance you didn’t see it coming. Or you were averting your eyes to the on-coming train wreck. Either way, you might have avoided the situation with the help of the
How to Keep Hiring Costs in Check As business owners think about hiring, however, there’s a strong desire to keep costs down. Many have been optimistic about hiring before, only to scrap those plans when the economy failed to improve. When they do hire, small businesses have a strong desire to get the best people possible
Annual Marketing Budget Template Use this template to plan your business' annual marketing budget.
How to Pay Business Debts You Can't Afford Corporate Turnaround has helped thousands of businesses get out of debt. The strategies in this guide have been instrumental in reaching over 25,000 affordable settlements for our clients. Now we are sharing our most closely guarded secrets with you to help you work your way out of debt on your
One Year Sales Forecast Template Forecasting sales of your product or service is the starting point for the financial projections. The sales forecast is the key to the whole financial plan, so it is important to use realistic estimates. Divide your projected monthly sales into "Categories", which are natural
3-Year Profit and Loss Projection This template can be used to calculate the projected profit of 3 years. 

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