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Almost all businesses accept debit and credit cards these days – even service businesses and B2B ventures. Having a way to accept a card is critical when you get ready to operationalize and start your business. You’ll need a merchant account – something provided by
Fundamentally there are two broad categories of funding you can use to start up your company. These categories are not distinguished by who you’re borrowing from but by the requirements, limitations and types of returns that regulate the type of investment. It boils down to what you
A few weeks ago, I received an email from a frantic new business owner. One of his clients — a very large company — had an outstanding invoice that was 90 days past due. Concerned and cash-strapped, he wanted to know what he should do. “Calm down” was the first advice I
Late or non-paying clients are a hard fact of business. Small businesses in particular are vulnerable because they lack the accounting and legal resources to deal with these customers, with collections falling squarely on the shoulders of the business owner. Likewise, smaller firms and sole
Owning your own business comes with a lot of joys and a lot of responsibilities. One of the toughest parts, however, is keeping all of the balls in the air on a daily basis. How can you take care of all the details, while still taking care of your customers? One way to help you keep a
How do you get paid? I ask this of every business during initial review of their operational technology. It does not matter if they hired me because they think they need social media tools, a CRM or new manufacturing software, I always start at the beginning: How do you get paid? And then I
Cash flow forecasts got you down? Creating a company’s cash flow reports is a necessary part of managing a business, but can also be downright tedious. But take heart and explore these time-saving apps and tools that can make your cash flow reporting job a whole lot easier. In basic
How to Reduce the Cost of Bounced Checks The cost of bounced checks to small-business owners goes far beyond the penalty fees the banks charge for depositing bad checks. The time spent handling bounced checks and the havoc they wreak on cash flow are also part of the toll.
60-Second Guides: Collecting Payment In just 60-seconds, we’ll show you how to establish a sound and rational policy for collecting payments.
Getting Paid: The Waiting Game We all need to keep the cash flowing so we can run and grow our businesses. But, for many entrepreneurs, money is still hard to come by. And I don’t mean investment capital; it’s become a waiting game just to collect money that’s due us. 

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